Corporate Wellness


The goal of the Badger Strength Corporate Wellness Program is to bring the benefits of physical fitness to YOUR company at your convenience. Corporate wellness is a fairly new but extremely intriguing concept, utilized by organizations around the world who want to invest in the WELLBEING of their employees as well as see big SAVINGS in healthcare costs. Large companies like Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Pioneer Bank, as well as the United States Department of Energy have already invested and seen huge returns on their investment in corporate wellness. 

All Badger Strength corporate wellness programs are based around the fitness goals of employees, as well as the schedules of those employees, and the space allowance of your workplace. Badger Strength takes pride in bringing a unique and positive experience to each business with the goal of getting REAL RESULTS for each participant while creating a motivating and fun workout atmosphere.

Corporate Wellness  is also phenomenal team building program for your staff. The camaraderie and positive environment built from co workers working out and pushing themselves as a team is an invaluable asset to the morale of your workplac.

Programs include:

- Free fitness assessment of each participant

- up to 3 one hour long group workouts per week 

- Goal setting and results tracking for each participant

- Nutrition Consulting

- Injury prevention and mobility classes

- Fitness/Nutrition Topic Specific Seminars

- Individual or small group personal training at a discounted rate for employees

- Online coaching at a discounted rate for employees


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