It is no secret how talented and amazing Adam is when it comes to training. He continually stresses the importance of proper form and injury prevention.  Since training with him my strength, ability and confidence has increased beyond belief.  However, when it came to reaching my goals, I still found myself falling short.  This was until I began to fully underdstand the importance of nutrition and nutritional counseling.  I thought I ate a healthy diet so in a way brushed off Adam’s repeated reminders of eating better.  These reminders were over many years.   Until I signed on for an 8 week nutritional coaching program I failed to see all the ways I needed to improve.  The program was easy.  He gave me a weekly breakdown of all the nutrients I needed. I was able to pick the foods to do this with.  I was even able to have a relaxing glass of wine whenever I wanted.   The results I saw on a weekly basis made me wish I listened to him sooner...almost 5 years sooner.  Beside the physical changes, I also gained more energy, endurance and strength.  My workouts also became  more effective and efficient.   Being accountable to someone has helped me in developing new habits and consistency.  The final test for me was whether or not I could continue to do this with no one watching over me or guiding me.  The guidance has never stopped.  If ever I have a question or concern Adam is always there.  This has been with physical training and nutritional coaching.  I have also been able to maintain this plan on my own.  I have continued to be successful with leaning out.  It is no longer a "diet" to me.  It's a lifestyle.  

What I am impressed with is that Adam had the knowledge and ability to work with my age and slowing metabolism.  I was told that as women age our metabolism will slow and we will have to work twice as hard to just maintain our current health and fitness level.  By doing this nutritional coaching and training program, I am no longer concerned.  I know that I am in control of my success.  

It's a relief knowing that this New Year I will not make my traditional resolution of eating better, drinking less and leaning out.  I just have to continue what I started. I finally do not feel defeated.


I started online coaching with Adam 8 weeks ago. My goal was to lose 5 pounds and focus on building up my strength. I have achieved both, but am most proud of the confidence I have gained throughout the process. I was always comfortable doing cardio at the gym, but was hesitant to lift weights because I didn't want others watching. Now I know how to appropriately lift and I am no longer afraid to do it in front of people. 

Adam is really good about checking in every week and answering questions right away. I highly recommend online training with Adam if you cannot fit it in your schedule to go in person!

Katie G

As much as I’ve always loved being active and staying fit, nutrition has always been a huge struggle for me and my weight has fluctuated a lot over the years. Working with Adam has helped me learn to fuel my body appropriately to crush my workouts and just feel better in my daily life. I’m getting stronger, and my energy level is higher and more consistent. For the first time in a long time I feel in control of my eating habits, and have lost pounds and inches without starving myself or sacrificing all of the foods I love. I highly recommend working with Adam if you are struggling with your nutrition or workouts. You won’t regret it! 


I have struggled with my weight and my self confidence since I can remember. Since I was little I was the “chubby” kid. I never felt confident enough to try out for sports, always feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Me weight and the way I viewed myself held me back from so many things for a good portion of my life.  That changed for me when my son was born, and I made the decision to get healthy. After years of staying consistent and working hard I have been able to lose over 100 pounds. Not only did I take my life back, but I have gained an enormaous amount of confidence along the way. Nothing seems out of reach to me now. I am forever grateful for the support and encouragement I have received along the way. 


“After somewhat of a plateau in terms of seeing muscle definition and strength gains I decided to work with Badger Strength on nutritional planning. And I have to say it was WELL worth it and I feel as healthy as I ever have in my life. It didn’t feel like a diet to me. I was eating a lot and can honestly say that I really never felt hungry at all. The planning does involve eating a lot more protein and greens. In addition to paying close attention to macros (protein, fat, and carbs), Adam puts a special emphasis on fiber intake as well. I asked Adam about  1st-Phorm amino acids, opti-greens and their protein powder and I added these to help with my recovery from workouts and also part of the planning to hit my macro goals daily. My overall goal was that I wanted to boost results from my workouts.  Weight loss was not my main goal. I was looking to lose about 5 pounds but my main goal was to continue to re-shape my body and maximize the results from workouts. After 2 months my muscle definition particularly ab-wise has increased dramatically. And on top of losing the weight, my strength increased! I thought because of my age (41) maybe that was why I wasn’t getting the maximum results I wanted. Well, I was wrong! Adam has continued to be my go-to for fitness and after over 3 years of taking classes and training with him I am never disappointed! Thank you Adam for your all support and for always pushing me to achieve my goals! You are the Best! “


I have struggled with weight loss for years. Over time some things helped, but something was always missing. Positive change over an extended time period along with mindset changes and understanding the true importance of diet and biological history.  The need and desire to feel physically better and have the ability to work on inner self growth and empowerment with the mix of the right fitness trainer.  I began working with Adam in February of this year, boot camp classes, and personal training geared towards my personal goals. Daily life picked up, with having to support children extra-curricular activities and other personal responsibilities I had to step away from training for a period of time. However with determination and perseverance, I was able to get back to it and on a very dedicated weekly balance of nutrition and exercise.  Adam has been truly a staple in my thinking since February, and all though I was away temporarily, his teachings stayed with me and helped me to stay the course.  I have been actively back for 4 weeks with fitness and boosting the nutritional intake/tracking and I have personally seen a noticeable difference in me. Boot Camp with Adam is a personal experience! His boot camp classes are high paced, group based, but also modified for every individualto get an awesome workout and reach personal goals. Whether you have had a knee injury, back injury, if you suffer from shoulder issues, regardless of what your issue may be Adam is excellent with giving appropriate modifications for every exercise to make sure every individual reaches their best efforts and beyond. The 8.4 lb. weight loss, 2 inches down, and increased energy level and strength has totally set the tone for moving forward.  

Thank you Adam, thank you Badger Strength!